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4:38 am

i am alive. i am here. work has been hell. on the brightside though im on zoloft and i might get my first real voice acting thing. woohoo.
sorry im so low energy, im tired and hurtin hehah. theres a lot of poeple whove quit or gotten fired since i started working at this current job. its been a month and a half and its somehow more than i can count on both hands, even if i had 10 fingers. that other place never called back and opened a month later than it was scheduled to, so thats fun. all the people i work under are... uh... i dont have the energy to complain much. all ill say is that they tend to turn their mistakes into the fault of their employees. i gotta shut up and go to bed. if i link my site on my casting call club thing people are gonna see this first thing and go "wow this guys a total drag lol." oh well. im looking to get a job in maybe computer tech or something; i love building stuff.
speaking of building stuff, i bought a lego glados thing! she was a lot cheaper than i thought she'd be, which is always nice
another thing, i should probably start typing more formally if i want to secure this voice acting thing.
at any rate, things mmmmight be starting to look up? i hope so at least. im even starting to make jokes about becoming a nuclear physicist again. for the bit of course. blargh, anyway, good night-morning-whatever. buh


    4:46 am

    hey so uh. the file storage service ive been using is running out of space. its been down for a bit. of course, discord had made it their mission to be as unreliable as possible, as im sure you know, so i cant fuckin use that. in other news, last week i got a new job as a custodian, which is why im up at 4 am. i plan on quitting it soon, the 10-11 hour work days are taking such a toll on my body. i havent even been there for 2 weeks, but know from experience that the pain never goes away no matter how long i work that job. why do my legs hate me... and why havent i done anything about it yet? but hey, at least im able to make one (1) car payment. yaaaaaaay. i have an interview later today at like 230. its a normal job. normal as in "im getting paid hourly instead of per building and im only working 8 hours instead of 11." the job im working right now has such a large turnover, luckily there were 3 new hires today to replace the three that quit last week. the first one, she walked out after our meeting, the second person did the bare minimum and went home and got fired, and the third one kept getting "sick" and he pretty much just dipped. at least im giving the bosses a heads-up, which they very much appreciated thankfuly. the now job im being interviewed for is at a pet store thats just opening up. i really, really the pay is good enough. otherwise ill have waited months for nothing. anyway, i should go to bed. god i should go to bed. my eyelids hurt. heres the exact copy-paste messages i sent detailing why i kinda hate my current job

    hell yeah! ill be able to work a consistant work day leangth, ill be home before the sun comes up, ill be able to help out more at the house and hang out with you guys on my off time maybe, ill generally have a reinstated routine, i wont be burning through gas, im paid by the hour instead of the building, i wont be constantly worried about accidentally making mustard gas while cleaning a bathroom, ill have more time to do things other than work and sleep, my frail ass isnt gonna hurt super bad at the end of the day, i think overall ill generally be happier there!
    i just hope the pay is good. if its not, then i probably wont take the job...
    oh shit thats another thing, I WONT START THE WORK DAY SUFFERING IN A VAPE COULD

    ps whnever i take interest in the pet store job my brain keeps telling me that im essentially just becoming a shitty wayneradiotv lol good night

    9:18 pm

    aw man... ive really gotta work on vega's site. all ive got is an image. ive been so damn busy though. i need to brainstorm some ideas for a layout.
    also the interview was short as hell. call backs are said to happen within the next 5 days. godddddddd i pray i get this job. jesus christ


    6:42 pm

    it is hot as balls in my room. im so fucking sweaty.
    here, have another picture of me (real)

    posing is hard. posing fucking sux

    a segmented meeeeeeeee.
    okay so a few things.
    i got one of my friends into roblox maybe. nothing much else to say about that.
    updated model yay yay yipee. as you can see ive segmented the joints and fixed the weight painting issues; however while posing i found out a few more issues. im pretty sure this is just what the aftermath of "finishing" a model is like, or maybe mine is just a special brand of amateur hehah. i think i might make vega next.
    i remade my cover of "the bluefin tuna comes flying."i also remade the mv kinda (i say kinda because i literally just swapped out the old picture and audio for the new stuff).
    i dont think i have anything else to say really.
    (mario voice) wahoo! weehee! woOoOoOoOah! mamma mia! letsa go! waha! yippee! yah! wah! wahoo! so long gay bowser! thank you so mucha for to playing my game!
    OH SHIT THAT RIGHT uh okay so i put a lot of my videos from my old channel in a playlist on my current channel.
    MARIO KART! 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7:34 pm

    hi one more addition rq: our microwave has gained sentience and runs when the door is open for some reason. why is this making me want to work on hlvrai:we? who fucking knows. myabe its the radiation


    2:45 pm

    hi hi hi!!!!!! hi hi hi!!!!!! i am Okay 8].
    i finished my model! heres a picture of that

    oh. oh no. there are still so many adjustments i need to make... i gotta move the tail end of the shoulders, make all those joints "separate" kinda, some of the weight painting on the arms is taking the shirt with it, and oh god, i have to do all that unity stuff again! aaaah oh well. ill get around to it at some point. anyway, yay!!!! its done kind of)!!
    i rebranded my yt channel again so that its actually in line with what i really plan on doing with it. i put up a vid there just this early, early, early morning. that doesnt mean im gonna stop doing jinriki stuff, but i do plan on moving onto making original songs. maybe ill replace my banner here- oh wait! i could have separate banners for each page! why did i not think of that? god ive gotta update the hell out of this pace, a lot of the images on the art page are missing. and OH MY GOD I STILL NEED TO MAKE THE TULPA PAGE. maybe ill do a whole big thing today, overhaul a buncha shit
    oh my god i need a proper living space. im in the process of getting a new job at the moment, and not a single place ive applied to has said anyting back. i feel kinda hopeless. i managed to get a $40 pay out from donations on buymeacoffe though, so it could be worse i guess. its terrible that all i can do is wait though. its suspensful in the worst way. something something make or break? thats what it feels like to me. at least ill be able to afford my car payment next month, and hopefully next months too if everything goes well.
    talking about that bums me out though
    is there anything else to talk about??? i hope so. lemme see
    ah, right! ive been thinking of vtuber lore again and i though about one in particular. the vtuber is like... she works an office job and when she comes home she starts up her stream, and all of the people in chat were asking her about her day, which is probably normal? but then there was a message that said something like "chat loves you" and like.... thats such an unrealistic portrayal of twitch chat. it also seems kinda like its promoting parasocial relationships, which can lead to some Not So Good Things. from what ive seen, fans having parasocial relationships with a vtuber they watch is common enough to be a concern. while i dont think thats going to be so much of an issue for me, im kinda scared fof the other members of KRONOS. i think that situations far off enough though where none of us need to be concerned about it right now. speaking of vtuber lore in general, i keep thinking to myself that i need to have vtuber lore of my own, but im planning on making like a whole story about it n shit. web comic im thinking?
    shit that reminds me, i still dont know what order im doing stories in. maybei should finish all my other shit first, like all the covers i still plan on doing. the bigegst hurdle is just... fucking doing them. i know why its so difficult for me to start doing thinsg!! i know exactly why! but i hate the fact that i struggle to start things anyway!!!
    god im... i sure am surviving. maybe. urgh...
    bye i think. webbed site.


    8:13 pm

    oooooooooooooough gouys. i,m entering te third dimention

    hrnggggggggggggh............................... phree deee

    i should probably say some more stuff. the first update in over a months and its me attempting to crawl out of your screen? i can do better than that
    im feeling better, as you may have guessed. im planning on taking the vtubing stuff more seriously since i kinda actually have a bit of incentive now. ive spent 3 weeks on this model thus far, and im just getting to rigging. also i have no idea if i should add eyelids still, but seeing as how the eyes are screens i suppose i dont really need to? thanks for helping me figure that out yuk yuk yuk. oh hell yeah look at that, im typing shit like "yuk" as a substitute for laughing; we're so back. im developing soo much rn. developing what? everything actually. im the reason transwomen exist. ur welcome btw.
    escarg00ns been thinkin of changing his screen name to something else since he doesnt really wanna be that closely associated with escargoon anymore. he was thinkin of a play on him name, but he also want to put 3 zeroes in there because of lore reasons, which hell yeah by the way. ive also been considering making a model of him? what itd get used for we're not sure. maybe one day when we're able to switch properly. SPEAKING OF ESCARG00N: i still need to make a page for him!!! holy shit!! i think the biggest hurdle is getting to making it making it, yknow? like writing the base code n shtuff? the structure? i mean, i wrote most of the structure code for the KRONOS site (its still being worked on dw, we just need more info for the members top get any further i think...).
    sorry i got distracted by a detail in kairikibears provoltage mv that i just noticed and ended up reading the lyric page and oh my goodness if i wrote a song like that i wouldnt be able to look anyone in the eye for at least a YEAR. i would cry if i had to write something like that. also im not qualified for that kind of writing style, im ace as hell. strangely enough, i can write about the cannibalistic or computer type of love if you gave me enough time.
    ah! another thing that happened! one of the members of kronos rebranded! "shota gun" has become "niku moku" because of butcher vanity and i can see why. that song is nigh goddamn intoxicating man. what the fuck? its so good. its so good that i tried to make a cover of it with e-svc thats now good it is. you cant do this to me! you cant do that!!!!
    going back to the vtuber stuff, i got really into "vtuber lore" today. i considered "man, what if i did all the stuff they do... what if i did a debut of my new model or did my own vtuver lore thing like all the big names do?" but like............ thats so much work... and you have to have a proper team and everything which is gonna suck extra because the best aspect of KRONOS is that its a passion project! its a thing that im doing with friends!!!!! and the thing is- im prefectly fine with how it is!!!! i kinda hate how i get so excitable about these kinds of things to the point that i entirely forget why im doing them in the first pace! like, for instance: when all that ai/diff singer stuff came out. i was so excited because it meant that id be able to make e-loid sound better! but the reason i made e-loid in the first place was because i thought itd be a fun thing to do; e-loid was my quarantine project. it introduced me to the cool as hell concept of jinrikis! i like it! im good at it! im actually good enough at making jinrikis that people think my jinrikis are ai!!!!! WHICH IS FRUSTRATING AS FUCK despite how hoestly flattering it feels. im also apparently good enough to get paid for it according to light who paid me $25 for a jinriki of futo from touhou. still made a vcv version of e-loid (kinda. thats e-svc btw!!!!!) by using hidoiv2 as a base- sorry i just saw a video titled "Helluva Boss Makes Me CRY?!?!" and thats fucking pathetic. that reminds me! if i do what i did for the futo jinriki, i mmmmmmight be able to finish ji-man
    also ARGH ive gotta work on doing voice overs of funny internet posts!!! i wanna be a va so bad!!!!!!!!! pleeeeeeease let me voice act at you im gonna be so good at it!!! ive got a few recorded already, ive just.... gotta.... get the actual images that theyre from and them make it a video! its not even that hard!
    anotehr thingie: it has been a very long time since i have attempted to make any original music and i feel kinda bad... i think what i need to get though first is the fuckinnnnnnn original song that i just need to make an eng vb for AND THEN ITLL BE DONE!!! ITLL BE DONE AND I CAN MOVE ON!!!!! hopefully......
    okay. i think i might be done with this post? maybe? why do i keep wanting to say "oh ive been getting really into rtvs content lately" like its a new thing every time?? its not new??? maybe i should stop watching them for a while and let my brain relax and be normal..... but hollys wikipedia streams are oh so put-on-in-the-background-able. ANYWAY ANYWAY. i think thats it? man i miss writing big ass posts like this. OH FUCK DID I MENTION ANYWHERE THAT IM MAKING HLVRAI INTO WORDS DID I SAY THAT RECENTLY POST-WISE? heres what ive got so far. and im going to be putting space between each live of text now for better readablility okay bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    7:14 am

    i think im gonna cancel my g-man jinriki. i know like half way though that his voice was gonna be all over the place, but i didnt know it was gonna be that bad.
    whats else, i couldnt sleep. i figured that if i wasnt gonna sleep than i might as well work on something


    6:01 pm

    still feel like shit. felt like shit last couple entries too. getting really hard to push it down. finished the basics of the site. if it turns out that i have to take the rest of this project into my own hands im leaving kronos and going missing. no one will ever notice. no one will ever know. no one would ever think to look here for answers anyway.
    i wonder if this is my brains way of preparing me for my next job. fuckin "here ill get you started on going insane, since thats where we always end up." at least a cycle is predictable.


    9:20 pm

    (sound of me rising from the grave) hey im not posting anything to cohost and instead pillowfort because pillowfort openly says that ai content is prohibited thank god.
    whorgh im so sorry i havent been updating my site. ive got so much shit on my plate. i dont know what stuff to start with. ive started turning hlvrai into something you can read and i also found out that hlvrai and i have the same bday so yay.
    im still working on the KRONOS site. also i think i mayyyy have tumbled down a bit of a depressive spiral? idk. i just feel so unmotivated. maybe im burnt out? fuck man.
    anyway, i also decided i was gonna start using firealpaca instead of ibis paint because haha; guess which one is free? except for dark mode you gotta pay $40 for that. ive also taken an interest in hero forge and i got rhythm heaven studio which i will probably never use. lets fuckin hear it for small quick dopamine hits guys. woo.
    also im still getting letters from walmart after ive quit.
    god i say "also" a lot dont i?
    another year has passed and i havent finished a single fucking thing

    9:49 pm

    oh yeah i forgot, here are the freaks (affectionate) i made on the hero forge
    G00N.KING | 02 | 03 | 0 no
    gordon freeman and g-man might be next, we'll see if my brain'll let me


    3:03 pm

    uuuuuuugrh hey im back from hell.
    so apparently tumblr is using the art posted on their site to train an ai model, so everything i draw from now on is going on cohost. and this is happening alongside the prodstrogen stuff. ive got so much to work on and keep track of. im so tired. im trying to develop a writing style again instead of it being just. homestuck 2. not homestuck^2, homestuck 2 as in saying like "undertale 2". off topic i think the hl1 ost is better than hl2. i have finished hl1 2 more times (im gmod).
    light and i started playing animal jam a lot. i went to see if party parrots was any good (spoiler alert: its not). light is working on putting our models into gmod so we can play the hl maps and i can forever make the "welcome to my parents house" joke. im still working on the KRONOS website, havent made escarg00ns page, and havent updated this site in a while. argh argyh urgh eargh raaaaaaaaaaah fuck. im typing with this emotion because the bleedening is here.
    ive gotta go move all my art to cohost now. bye.


    12:06 pm

    hey guys MISS MISERYGUTS by R.I.P. is catchy to a criminal degree so i was gonna check out the midi they released. i thought it was gonna be the vocals right? no. it was the midi for the instrumental. so i spent the last hour making a g00n mix for shiggles, here it is. i need to work on the KRONOS site, bye.


    7:20 am

    i lived, bitch
    alright so whats changed whats changed... alright so im not sick anymore. i "lost" my job because my first loa claim was denied, not the second claim though! i got a letter with a couple qr codes on it, so im assuming theyre so i can let them know im still alive or whatever. i changed my bad boe jamo gimmick tumblr to one where i just reply with pics of cigarettes. ive gotten realy into saying "yay!!!!!!" and some variation of "yayaya!!" lately. ive been getting really into rtvs lately. i made a live 2d model and im waitin on that to get rigged. im also trying to get back into streaming. again. its really hard because the last stream i did was a disaster. ill be making a video out of the vod some how. i still havent update a single other thing on my site, OR made a page for escarg00n. but i DID draw a picture on a piece of paper after not touching a sketch book in god knows how long. i need to update my site. I NEED TO UPDATE MY SITE. i hanet update any page other than this since i got really into dsaf... argh...
    more news: im part of a vtuber group now! its called【KRONOS】! LightEDN made it 8D!!! we're still in the process of getting everything set up right now[oh my god queen thumbelina by hito yama just came on its such a good song i should remake my cover i might loop this for a while]so there is still very much a bunch of like. i guess white space? cause like we have very little ready. we're still brainstorming practically everything. the only thing thats been finished is my cover of a song that lights gonna put into a mashup that theyre making because they found a mashup of chonnys inferno, terrible things, and 2 versions of charlies inferno. heheheheheheheheh >B] [holy shit the screaming at the end fucked my throat up so bad]
    thats. pppprobably everything? everything i can think of right anyway. whargh


    8:18 am

    ooooough hey guys. til now i was too sick to put all i want for christmas is you anywhere else. i hiope its good to everyone. i had whatever the hell everyoe else seems to be going thoiugh right now. ive been drinking so much water i feel phsyicallt ill, my sleep schedule is kinda fucked. i had a good christnas though.however, i have been out of work for so long that i am afraid i might no longer have a job, which it bad sionce im planning on transferring over to a different walmart. im too fucking sick to p@roofreed any of this and im just listeningt o aiwfciy in loop. i did all the stuff i needed top do i think though so il still have a job wjen i go back. sorry my thoughts are everywhere right now. my body is on full freakout. this shits messed me up so bad that im hearing musioc in a lower pich (not moremal). i just hope its not permanent. i dont think it is since it seems to have gone a way a bit, and the ringing in my head has gone down with the pounding behind mt forhead. still cant crack my neck unfortuinately. left arm is all fuck. neck is getting less stuff. i need to peee. bye. ejoy new cover.


    7:58 am

    oh god waynes new thing comes out in less than a week.
    not working on shit today. im so fucking tired

    8:14 am



    9:51 am

    also yes this still counts as this date and time its just that the site went down


    11:19 am

    okay. okay i think im good.
    i should make a site for escarg00n RIGHT now. and then i need to get a jump on my other unfinished sites. and then remake mr shitto ditto (im not even gonna fucjing try to spell shaudenfreude or whatever the fuck. i have to sleep in half an hour) and then make hidoi eng v2 and then a g00nking vb????? like a fucking loser?????? sorry that was mean. and then work on improving the writing for drgx. some stuff got moved around because im so so smart!!! oh yes i am!!! the reignited interest in wayneradiotv so totally helped!!! reignited? or did i actually start giving a shit. had the WORST premade sub of my LIFE last night when eating lunch. the american cheese overpowered EVERYTHING and the only taste i could describe it having was "flat." thats not important. then i gotta start working on everything else. oooooubngnbrmnamnbrphiblsubljbkdjbkkkdjn mbnbnblblblllbll <- sound of me drowning. oKAY. okAy. hough......
    in other news, escarg00n has been developing well. hes gotten much better at staying vocal, he has a strange interest in g-man from half-life: alyx, and- this is gonna sound weird as shit okay i KNOW it is but its part of the process just trust me okay TRUST me man okay- tha FEEEELING. the fEEElings okay?? phantom sensations or whatever theyre called? cool as SHIT!!!! DUDE!!!! i can feel when we hug 8] it feels nice 8] i wonder if i can speedrun the tulpamancy process. "NEW FUCKING RECORD G00N HOLY SHIT!!!" "WHATD I GET WHATD I GET!?" "A STAGGERING SINGLE DAY TO MAKE A FULLY VOCAL BAD BOE JAMO TULPA!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!" and then bad boe would say some shit like "Helloooooooo you two! Can the Jamo bum a Ciggy off ya? Just one camel, fellas! I only smoke camels, never marlboros or newports." and then we would have to kill him i think. not because he smokes but because hes a toy soldier who got pinnochiod and he doesnt feel pain ("just to feel something", says escarg00n, our tolerance for any military force hitting zero so hard i can feel the floor shake). trust me dude he doesnt feel pain. i made sure. i bought a whole tub of those little green guys, handed them over the Wizard, and broke all their legs off. they just kept asking for cigarettes. it was fucking weird. what was i talking about?
    OH YEAH okay so. so so so so. im planning on making a cohost account because tumblr seeeeeems to be hitting the shitter soon.
    also that Fcuked Up and EvilTM tangent i went on was in relation to the fact that yeah i made a bad boe jamo official tumblr account. i planned to infiltrate countless cigarette posts with like a single picture of the jamo and then i.... didnt ehehah. i should probably do something with it because right now it has one (1) post and its him calling the camel cigarette camel a "handsome joe."
    GOD i have so much shit to do. but if we take it slowly, one by one, we'll get it done. we just need that push.
    we hope you all have a good day! we're gonna go to bed because it 11:50


    9:02 am

    yo hey also i might make a small site for escarg00n


    11:30 pm

    made a new cover. re-did a cover? corrosion go listen
    oh god its been son long since ive done any actual work on this site that im starting to forget how to make links. jesus.


    7:40 pm

    hi! i came back to streaming like a week ago and it was shit. itll be fixed before my next stream because jesus fucking christ.
    development for escarg00n and i has been going well. i feel like we've hit kind of a wall though since i havent been giving myself that much time for tulpamancy right now. i dont know what else to include. its fine. maybe ill get around to updating the site regularly? maybe!.
    ough god i still have so much shit to work on. so many projects. i forgot what else i was gonna say. okay bye.


    11:14 am

    hey hi hello oh my god its been how long? a month? thats fine. its fine. ive got a lot of stuff to say. i hope i remember all of it.
    okay so uuuh collab with lightedn in the future maybe of copycat. we're getting to it. its just gonna be a bit. im trying to make a biohazaerd cover, but hidoi eng v2 is not working. somehow during the otoing process all of her samples got scrambled. i sent it over to light to see if they could see what was wrong with it, nothings happened because we all got caught up playing in the new minecraft server another one of our friends made.
    but before all of that i got really into half-life. i dont rememebr why. i dont know if it was because of wayneradiotv or if i finally decided that i should buy it for the anneversary sale. it was fucking GREAT. i love half life holy shit, especially the first one. dude holy fucking SHIT. i also played black mesa. theres a post about that on my tumblr. im working on hl2e1 right now.
    during my playthrough of hl1 in a discord call with some of my friends, i learned (via light) that the escargoon ive had in my head for years was a tulpa i made on accident! so the last few weeks have been very interesting. i think im doing really well in developing him. since learning that ive been doing a bit better. i used to constantly feel like there was something huge wrong with me and no matter how much research i did i never got a proper answer. that was because i was never offered one. light also has one of their utau, kyou! kira thought he had one there for a while, but hes since said otherwise. these things happen sometimes.
    anyway theres my update. ive gotta get used to updating this more often again. i dont want to end up forgetting it. i still have so much to do on this site. i should really make a list...

    oh heres what escargoon looks like by the way

    he picked out the colors himself 8]



    made a new cover.
    r.i.p. namida dave miller ai cover, i dont even remember the posters name 😔.


    9:18 pm

    hey. sorry ive been gone so long. also sorry i forgot to post the link to the yt playlist.
    more news:
    left leg fell too far out of the hip socket, heading to chiropractor tomorrow
    i just finished my first ever commission!!! it was music!!!! a!!!!!!
    working on making a danganronpa g00n mix. its gonna be made using rpg maker mz. i was gonna make a dr1 repaint first, but i gave up because i wasnt able to find a way to edit the text. heres a link to the art i was able to finish before i called it quits. theyre all tga files because that what they came as, so you might have to get paint.net or gimp

    im hoping things will go well overall. im planning on making a warm-up game first because i dont really know how to do a bunch of shit yet hehah. its gonna bring back SLEEVES, floatpoint, and C.A.V. having a bunch of plugins thrown into the mix is definitely going to add a challange.
    man im hungry. also holy shit does using a crutch hurt your hand


    3:38 pm

    to do list speed run is out.

    i know theres some missing, but like i said in the album description, "maybe ill make another one."

    3:54 pm

    some how feely tomorrow didnt end up in the album??? i cant go back and change it either. heres the link to that one though.

    4:04 pm

    dmca'd on jigsaw puzzle and nou shou sakuretsu BOT, and it caught freely tomorrow but only the first time?? ive gotta upload them all to yt anyway.


    12:15 am

    update on the to-do list

    i hope you can read this. the green stars means im gonna do those.

    also ive changed the goal of my kofi since im not really sure whats happening right now. at the moment im fine and i have an out.

    anyway yayyyyyyy!!!! i only have 10 things to do!!! a few of them arent even that hard!!!! woohoo!!!!
    also kiras updating his site! head on over using the button in my sidebar!
    okay i should go to bed now gn


    10:18 pm

    dont worry, im still alive. im still making covers. ive got like 20 left, but most of them are plug and play. ive missed a few days, but every so often ive made 2 covers in a day to make up for it. ive also got a new project that i wanna start working on, and it cost me over $100 to get started. its really important though.
    i played all of dsafs evil routes and god fucking dammit man. god fucking dammit.
    ive gotta work on making shrines for the blorbos in my box i think, and update this site in general. i found this comment widget, but im kinda afraid to use it because im not very good at utilizing java script correctly. i mean, look at how poorly my attempts at integrating the webcomic page were (written about on 7/11/23)! but if i nevery try, itll never happen; so i might as well, right?
    the day i (hopefully) get moved to overnight stock grows closer. august 28th is the plan. i wonder if i can finish the to-do list speedrun in time. if i really crunch on my days off i could pump out maybe 2-3 covers. i think im getting burnt out though because i kinda dont want to do them?
    as of just now ive removed a few that i kinda dont wanna do anymore. there are some that just will not sound good no matter who sings it at what octave. utaus just dont have the kinda of variety-less robotic clearness that vocaloids have (IM MAINLY TALKING ABOUT COMMON HEROES. IT IS NIGH IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE ANY OF OUR UTAUS SOUND GOOD WITH THAT FUCKING SONG. NOT TO MENTION THAT FINDING A HIGH QUALITY OFF VOCAL LITERALLY ISNT POSSIBLE). ive also got one song to make a g00n mix inst for.
    i think thats all i have to say for right now. ill update if anything happens. maybe. bye.



    HI HOLY SHIT. sorry its been so long. so uh. i found a new creature as you may or may not have seen. i made so much shit within like the first 2 or 3 days including a jinkiki vb and a cover to go with it. those are over in art and covers. also a shitty little video because i found voiceforge on aptoide.

    im also aiming to put out a cover a day in what i call the "to-do list speedrun" because im trying to finish a bunch of covers ive been putting off so i can finally start working on -LOID. theyre not published right now, im gonna publish them all as an "album". also yeah, kick back is technically one of them. i gotta get ready for work because its currently 10:07. cya.


    1:37 am

    yo. finished all of the frames for radio electric today. im sorting all of them and shit. my body hurts so bad from sitting in my chair

    1:58 am

    i also got my first gray hair today. im 19. yippee. im not actually mad, i feel kinda stoked ngl. i think id look cool. also i think its more of a whole. uh. patch? i dont know. its hard to tell.

    9:09 pm

    videos done. as a treat ill post the story board here.


    12:25 am

    "an HTML/JS beginner can figure it out" my ass. i dont know what the fuck im supposed to do! itd be great if there was a fucking tutorial or something, but NOOOOOOOO i guess i specidically am FUCKED because my stupid fucking rotting shit filled brain cant even conduct functioning js at a basic level. im gonna fucking figure it out though. im not fucking using mspfa. im not fucking using it. 2/3rds of the shit im writing is strictly text anyway. only OVERFLOW is planned to be strictly comic format. ive been debating doing it with -LOID, but theres just. i dunno man. i dont even have most of their shit figured out yet. fucks sake. but im gonna figure out rarebit. in gonna fucking learn something. i might not retain it, but by god im gonna figure out what they mean by "an HTML/JS beginner can figure it out" because they are not talking about me. fuck this shit. good night.


    10:30 pm

    so anyway, how was your day? at work my brain forgot we were suppoed to be on the same team and started bullying me, so that was fun. im also taking another break from living anywhere on the internet other than here and lurking on tumblr. heard they were gonna try to do some algorithm shit? glad that was all a joke, right? haha! it better stay a fucking joke so help me god!
    im gonna try to incorporate rarebit properly now. ill tell you how that goes.


    12:49 am

    you now have the option to buy me a coffee (pizza) to help me move out! only problem is that i havent picked a place or really done anything because i dont know if itll even work. nothing ive ever done has gotten much reach. ive been thinking that to get more reach i should probably start making those minecraft videos like i promised. after radio electric of course.
    sorry radio electrics been taking so long. im only really able to work on it on the days i have off because work takes up so much of my day. its the first time im making an actual music video!; so im still figuring out a process. i hope it turns out good. ive got 12 drawings left that are really more like 9 because a few of them are really similar
    oh god its 1 am. i gotta go to bed. but rq, ive noticed that no matter how much i sleep, im always exhausted. i dont know if work really takes that much of a toll on me what with the standing in the same place for 9 hours. on top of that, getting called ma'am by every other customer whether im on register or uscan; also sucky, causing me to dread work from the moment i put on the hell suit (walmart uniform) to the moment i get into my car to go home. or i have sleep issues. but who cares about that!!! radio electric will be real in like a month or something!!!! fucking hell.
    fuck what if i never finish -LOID or OVERFLOW? what if they end up unfinished and abandoned like every other story ive tried to write over the course of my life? what if i spend fucking YEARS on something that no one likes or- hell, even SEES?

    im gonna go to bed


    9:42 am

    i might set up a donation thing soon because i want to move out of my parents' house as soon a fucking possible. i work at walmart so i dont generate enough income to do much. certainly not enough to pay rent for an apartment complex anywhere other than literally down the road. fucks sake.


    1:32 am

    i may have gone a bit overboard on the stamps


    11:47 pm

    hey! just takin' some time to update the site a bit! it now plays music! the controller is at the very bottom of the page. im planning on changing all of the links that take you to music over to audio controllers so you dont have to leave! i also changed the buttons to scroll by. the pictures with links will stay the way they are though so you can click on any of them at any time.
    my family has been watching back though futurama so that they can catch up in time for the next seasons release. i hope zoidbergs gf comes back 8]. it kinda sucks that he only gets a really good thing to happen to him in the second to last current episode in the series, so getting to see his gf again would be awesome!! i hope its not just a thing where shes like "sorry john, its not working out. i met someone else." and dumps him in like the first episode, because like hey. what the fuck.
    i should start looking for stamps and banners/blinkies. are banners and blinkies the same thing? i think they might just be blinkies actually. hm. ill find out at some point while lookin for em.

    1:40 am

    baby oh baby i am getting worried about useless shit again, its time for me to finally go to bed. considering how i felt when i first walked into my room a few hours ago, im actually feeling much better! but its fucking bed time. have a nice day!



    hey. im back. ive done a little more on radio electric, not much though because i have work and i had a meet up and paid my bills and forgot to do fireworks with another friend because i passed out after the meet up all that. im hoping to start working thirds soon at my job because the six month period is up. but the most important thing right now is this post i made about my egon gajinka i made in november of last year.
    also in honor of me vaporizing my twitter i changed my tumblr url, yet neglected to change the link here, so i fixed that just now.

    also GHOST released a new song. its okay i guess. have a nice night!


    10:41 pm

    finished the radio electric story board a couple days ago, wont work on it until my next chunk of days off though because ill have the time then. but!!! i did make something like just now!!


    11:19 pm

    archive 2 has been taken down because theres some pics i took that could give people away to my location, and also some pictures of me that i dont want poeple finding. and just shit in general that i want to keep private. but!!! i did decide to cover angel brained's RADIO ELECTRIC! with. yknow. these guys.



    now how to i get down. ill just keep typing til i get there. maybe if i

    ..... test test. there we go.
    anyway, heres a lookie from last night that was really just very early in the morning.
    cant believe my dumbass just tried to put a timer at the top of the page. speaking of which it is now tomorrow. fuck.
    the covers page is now real


    12:?? am

    playing gartic phone while uploading my twitter to archive. account has been deleted. i need to go to sleep. also i dont know why but the arp star thing on my site has just. stopped working? if i put it in the foreground its fine but if i keeop it in the backgound it gets tsuck at the bottom of the page. i dont know man.
    i dofound the issue. it was completely on my part. i have a dark mode addon and for somereason theres a setting that moves the stars (lets face it, its supposed to be rain) to the very bottom of the page. also i either need to extend the posts to the bottom of the conyainer or put something down there. also where is my custom scroll bar
    okay so it just doesnt work on firefox COME ON MANNNNN. my font wont work on opera anymore, and my fycking crollbar wont work on firefox. i dont wanna touch chrome. fuck chrome. its almost 1:30 am. im going to bed, fucking hell.



    heyyyy ive been working on a new button design for angel brained for a couple days. this was my starting(?) design just to kinda get an idea for what i was going for. i saw the third eye in lindseys head and i was like dude thats so fucking cool. tha lashes were a little hard to do but i think they turned out okay. then i was stuck at this since yesterday because our washer broke and we had to go to the laundromat then i got distracted playing star allies all last night and today. i had made the eye and halo in ms paint, then dled gimp and fixed it there, and then put it on a gitpage button maker. this is the final design i had first settled on . i had considered blue text, but i didnt think itd go very well, so i made it yellow. then someone on discord recommended a blue text version because it would be easier to read. and i have made it so! oh shit now someone is saying the yellow looks easier to read. i hope lindsey will consider putting both of them up for everyone to use.



    vod channel has been deleted! god i still have so much to move over from g00n.king. ill probablt change the name of that one too. actually ill do that rq



    heyyy my fuckin uuuuh. bluray reader came in today. sorry there isnt much more to say. ive been really busy lately. im sorry.
    ive got the new yt page up. its just the one thing for now. ive got more stuff to move now. yayyyyyyyy. its got a different name so thet the wrong people wont find it. hey, at least ive had a few more song ideas spawn from this huh? thats gotta be a good thing, right? kinda.
    i debated making a custom os for like half a day. i really dont think that its really that much worth it HOLY SHIT IM TYPING WITHOUT LOOKING AT MY KEYBOARD THIS IS SO WEIRD. IVE NEVER DONE THIS BECAUSE IVE ALWAYS HAD A FUCKED UP HANDS SO IVE JUST HAD TROUBLE DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT EVER!!!!!! KJSHKKSFSFSFUKAHLFKA W O A H. ITS SO FUCIKNG WEIRD. its stil way faster to type while looking at my keys though 😔. also took a couple pictures of the sunset on the way home today. they uh. didnt turn out as good as i hoped they would.

    yknow, i think if i really had the time i could probably just sit down and type for hours.... like to tell stories and shit. have one sided conversations. i guess. idk.
    anyway fuck. yeah. uh. i shoudl really get around to moving stuff over to my new conputer, like my videos. i only have 4 videos that i left public on my old channel. i dunno. i just. im not comfortable knowing my family knows some of the stuff i do. i dont want them to talk to me about it. i know theyll try.

    should i add a chat box? are there enough people that visit this site to warrant one? should i get a hit counter? or will the numbers make me nervous? i think the numbersll make me nervous. i shouldnt do a hit counter. also maybe a chat box isnt necessarry. im still debating doing an email thing thoughhhhhhhhh.

    also i should make actual pictures for things instead of using pictures of escargoon all the time. make this place look like its not just a fan page. ill probably make a fan page sometime later though. that stupid snail has been running my brain for the better part of 5 years.


    12:42 am

    hi. sorry ive been gone again. right now im working on maing a voicebank that uses an effect with it. i am also very tiresd. so some of the things i type will not make sens. i also spent $132 tpday on plugins. theyre really good ones though. and im using oneof them for the voicebcabk. someone please. im going to. i neeed to sleep/ i think the autituned ness of the plugin made the vb sound shitty so i turned it off and now im gonna see if i can export them properly this time. but because i recorded them on flstudio and im trying to port them to audacity so i can export them all at one i have to remane all of the clips, theres 271 bexcause its zesteas aroasing. it comes with focal vry and glottal and other things. oh my gd i need sleep but i also want to finishe this 8[.


    there was an option.
    to export all of the tracks.
    this whole time?

    7:40 pm

    hey so heads up im debating making a new yt channel because im. kinda uncomfortable with my dad being a sub to the one im using now. i just dont like it. like if i release a vent song or something hes gonna tell my mom and theyll start asking questions. so uuuuuh. yeah. im probably gonna move a bunch of stuff. its gonna have different tutles too so watch out for that hehah.
    also i showed my mom the mere appearence of my site for a goof, yet not the sit adress. so im still safe in that regard. (even more so due to the fact that she has bad memory.


    9:37 am

    hooooooooooooo my god im still setting up my new computer actually. i have so much shit to move over still. im still trying to get my keybpard top go back to the way its supposed to be set up, but i think i have to just change my locale. which i have yet to do.
    also i have not made the fucking song yet, but i did make a different song. its on audiomack as of a few days ago, i just havent really posted it anywhere because it kinda sucks? i mean i did make it in like, what, 5 hours? that reminds me, i havent listened to my remains mix in a while. i completely forgot it existed.i forgot remains existed as a whole actually.
    but yeah. computer stuff. sorry i hadnt updated in a few days.

    12:34 am

    no i did not plan that.
    okay so apparently i did link to cold-blooded and i just. didnt remember. sorry.
    in other news there was a rocket launch today a dam in ukraine got blown up and the cnadian wild fires are getting really bad and i have been so unaware that i though the smoke i saw on the way home was fog. i am allergic to smoke unfortunately so i might get sick or die? anyway have a nice day or night whenever youre reading this


    1:31 am

    okay so im doing this on my phone rn cause i gotta get it out rq. i finished setting up my pc. im trying to update it to windows 11, but i think i clicked the wrong thing somehwere and now it seems uh. stuck. on windows 10. i dont really know how to fix it and i dont know how to ask for help either hehah. all i can really do is just kinda pray that if i make it do updates that itll do the thing. also i used mens shampoo for the first time today. i also got a haircut 8].


    12:12 am

    oh god is it finally over? can i make the fucking song now?


    11:20 pm

    my disk burner came in today. wow almost spelled that as dick burner. penis typo. anyway thats really all there is to say i guess. other than my bluray readerll be here next month and that the dick burner() works and i ordered some sata signal cables. remember when vine copms had watermarks on them that said chilloutmason and thecableturnedoffcade. i wonder where thay are now. shit pal im tired. luckily my last day of the work week is tomorrow.
    onemore thing; im looking at a few image hosting sites. none of them look good. i think ill just keep using google photos across all of my accounts.


    12:14 am

    so im rambling to myself in my room, right? im thinkin "lol e-loid in OVERFLOW is lterally what escargoon would be like if he actually became an idol boy or whatever" and i start coming up with this episode of krbay. its like 5 years later or somethin like that and theres this reunion thing that happening because a few of the characters set off to go their own ways. tiff and tuff get there and at first i was thinking "oh escargoon gets there on his tour bus lol and theres an immediate difference between then and now. hes actually wearing clothes, he looks brighter, the bags under his eyes are irrepairable damage but thats not important." then i started thinking "what if there were posters set up for his tour dates and stuff and everybody but the people visiting for the reunion knew about it. they go to the area listed on the poster and theres just a fucking swarm of e-loid fans. like 99.9% of these people have a shirt with his face on it, some have tattoos of the patch on his shirt or the pattern on his tie. theres people wearing facepaint of his color scheme. yknow, normal band fan shit." and i thought "awh dude he would love the attention.... hed finally be happy. hes finally getting positive attention from something hes wanted to do, something that hes been passionate about for years...." and then the next car in my train of thought was "successful assassination attempt".

    how the fuck did my brain go from "this is the happiest moment of his life im so proud of my boy,,,," to "successful assasionation attempt". what the fuck. what the fuck? is that just how i write, huh? is my style just unhappy ending for everyone, huh?
    jesus fucking christ. im gonna go to bed. fucks sake.

    12:30 am

    update the phrase in my mind has now been replaced with "successful tour date" fucking hell man. im so sick of my brain


    11:58 pm

    hey so i made a new song! its called cold-blooded. its e-2s theme. you might be asking "but g00n, who the fuck is e-2???" well im glad you asked because theres been an exciting new development in the breakdown inducing number of characters to keep track of in OVERFLOW! there are now 2 "escargoons" running around. e-1, who didnt become a dick head and let the meteors destroy his planet and is named Vega (which i came up with like 3 hours ago because of morse code shennanigans), and e-2, who did become a dick head and let the meteors destroy his planet. anyway 2 takes up the name "escargoon" because he's like "i think he could be worse" and then was worse and also tries to get Vega to do bad things when vega just wants to play the fucking game.
    i should probably get ready for bed because i have work tomorrow anyway enjoy that little snippet of lore.

    oh also i guess fun fact i want there to be playable sections in OVERFLOW like the openbound sections in hs. i have a thingie for the openbound engine, and also a couple other options like defold and paper rpg maker.
    oh god im gonna have to learn more programming languages.

    hey so i know its tomorrow but uh. audiomack is down. i found out because i was trying to add a picture to cold-blooded. i dont know how long its gonna be down for


    12:05 am

    urgh im trying to figure out a way to link all of my sites css without it being confusing to me. i mean i know theres only one way to do it but its like i cant read right now. i also dont feel like watching a video. every tutorial ive seen thus far looks exactly how i have mt code set up but its just. not. working? do i have to make a seperate css file entirely for this to work? i mean i can do that but will neocities let me with put paying> why am i worried about that when ill pribably never chaneg my css anyway. i can cpy paste my shit anyway so why worry*?? i thik im might be tired. i cant type pro@erly. ad o yes the @ sign is close to my p keay. i have a jp keyboard. i thought id get quicker at writing hiragana for utau but i never use that function. i did at forst but then i just kinda stopped. all it does is annoy me when i accidentaly hit the convert key.
    anyway ive been watching saltydkdans hyha marathon and i though "lol what if my website or somthin was a topic. 'hey pasty and gervber have you heard about escargoon? i found this guy who pretty much idolizes them its kinda weird but their music is worse' lmao." fucking christ im so tired i forgot that escargoon was a him. im si fucking tored i started projecting my lack of gender onto escargoon. fuck. jkagf tored. jesus christ.
    also yeah i dont really go back and change shit like all these spelling errors because it truly encasulates my mental state at the tiome of it being written. usuall i can type just fine. not this time though!!! i cant tell is though i sp@elled wrong. mother fucker i should stop typing or somthing jesus christ.


    okay im over tired now. thats great. anyway so uh. you can just kinda. steak the mspfa code i think. also i think i have to install a different font family because i think this font family just straight up doesnt allow italics. go ahead and rightclick>inspect element and look at the code. the em tags are there but theyre not doing anything.
    okay soi do have a ttf file for Lato-Italic? it just seems weird that i have to instal that to use it whereas i dont have to instal the bold variant. i really liked Lato... :pensive:


    okay so to make things easier ill put the latest entry outside the box and the other ones inside. is that good? its good.
    so i tried messing around(as in copy and pasting code) with jquery stuff so i can use tags on my art page. sound cool as shit right?. none of it worked. i dont know what i was doing wrong because i was just, yknow, copy and pasting stuff. i also learned that i need to have the jquery script laguage installed. so i did that. didnt work. uh............ why am i wearing headphones if im not listening to anything??? thats not important. anyway the art page is back up and it kinda has a tag search function but you have to use ctrl+f. i have what tags ive used so far listed on the side. im gonna take off my head phones. but uh. yeah. sorry i couldt get it to work. i dont know if its an error with my lack of knowlege or if opera gx just doesnt support it. chances are i was just being plain dumb.
    i dont have much on there right now because i dont know where to put all of the images so that i dont have like a huge place to put them all. i could make a google photos account just for my art maybe? im not using drop box because theyre just gonna fuckin lie to my face and say that my shit stopped syncing so they can fail to drag me into their storage sale. although i could look for an image hosting site. not imgur. fuck those guys.
    also i havent found a font for my site that i like as much as i like Lato, so no italics still. maybe thatll just be one of the things my site does. "no em tag, no i tage, unresponsive font file, its ass does NOT have italics!!!!!"


    12:23 pm

    okay so my powersupply should be here today. im watching the tutorial for a second time just to make sure how far i can go before im unable to go any further.

    11:08 pm

    i built my pc today! mostly! my disk drives arent here yet so im not completely done, but weehee! it turns on and works!!!! i had to get a pin bent back but !!!! A!!!!!! i built my first pc!!!
    i did NOT think the cpu would be so fuckin large??? like look at this shit

    fuck it im keeping it,
    but yeah my cpu cooler is just. so fucking big??? i guess thats normal.

    also my hand has been itching for a few days. i dont wanna put on lotion because it is the worst feeling in the world. im just hoping its the other outcome where i find money



    pov the family owned store employee who gets paid $6 an hour has been told "if it doesnt scan, it's free" for the 2,985th time that day

    e-loid jumpscare

    anyway wip? dont know if ill do anything more with this version of it. im probably gonna be making a completely different one since im making a g00nmix lol.
    ALSO ive must been sitting here with sillynet open listening to nepetas theme for like an hour.
    i coulda stopped listening at anytime too, theres a controller. also i just realized that the main part of her theme starts with BEEP BEEP MEOW???



    so glad this thing is so repetitive.


    me and my minecraft wife.png


    haha yes my fans and heatsink came in! now ive just got the disk drives to wait on and then my pcll be done!
    in other news i drew again for the first time in like over a month. i remade larrypoid's openutau icon.
    this is the old one that i made back in october of last year.

    this is the one i made today.

    i now no longer am larrypoid jumpscared when i open the piano roll anymore! oh shit my phones at 7%.

    also i made more progress on v i gx.


    8/53 am

    okay so this is technically being written at 9:44 pm but i started it this morning.
    for a few nights ive been having dreams where i keep trying to quickly find my way around walmart via the back rooms, but i end up wandering too far end i fall into a bunch of connected liminal space areas. im lovin it, the archetecture is nuts its great. there were people there this time, and a lot of things were sorta treated like i was in a game? what i did had no real bearing and no one seemed to notice me. i drew an area of a room i saw. it was kinda like a bar area with an arcade cabinet that for some reason had a hallway that lead up to a basketball stadium where there was a game going on. the hallway was positioned like right behind the hoop so a player who didnt make the dunk fell down into the hallway and rolled and hit the arcade cabinet on the other side of the room. it wasnt that far from the hallway, but thats pretty damn far from his starting point

    i hope i keep having more of these kinds of dreams, what with the weird architecture and liminal spaces. i love stuff like that. unfortuntely, i havent been writing down my dreams as much as i should be anymore. i dont remember what the rooms looked like the last stime i had this kind of dream and it kinda sucks 8[.
    also there was this part near the end of the dream where i interacted with 2 bathroom doors, one of them did nothing when interacting with it, and screams came from behind the other one.


    now that i think about it, theres always been liminal spaces in my dreams. once when i was a child i had a dream the the only space our basement door opened up to was this staircase that went down for seemingly forever. there were no walls apart from the bit that came down from the ceiling that was below the stairs above those. wires hung from the corners of those short walls, and the black abyss stared back. i also had another dream (this one maybe a few years ago) where i went down into the basement and there were almost no walls down there, just a few to support the house. i remember being chased by something benign. i think my dad was there too? maybe he was the thing chasing me.
    i should really get an actual dream journal.


    12:33 am

    oooooh my GOD why wont i just work on the other sites already????? come ON man

    changed my scroll bar though


    11:58 am

    hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe i made a vi button. look at him fucking shmoove.
    im out of amoxicillin!! horray!! it still hurts to yawn though. just a little.
    sorry i havent made any art in a while, i just havent been feeling up to it. heres more buttons i made as compensation

    8:34 pm

    okay so i decided to make my own instrumental for vi. did i say that already? im making an instrumental for vi so i dont have to do a buncha arduous shit to make e-loid "on beat" with the original.
    at first i was gonna yknow try to make it sound close to the original

    god i hope this works by the way.
    but then i decided to go with something that i would actually want to work on.
    im trying to find my style still i guess. my style being diluted ghostieP lol. i think trying to make songs like virtual insanity and additional memory using my "sound font" might help.

    on an unrelated note, my ram came in today! apparently ram sticks are very durable, as well as ssds.
    i currently have a popsicle that is starting to melt inside the bag i think. i did just kinda set it down and not touch it though. i dont even know how long its been there for. oh shit it is the consistency of a very cold slushy im gonna go put this back in the freezer

    aw shit it leaked on my desk a little. there was this tiny opening at the top end where it wasnt crimped all the way.
    also take a look at these screenshots i took while playing mc today

    im testing out a new mod pack. once i finish building my new computer im gonna start trying to make videos again. i probably already said that but oh well. im gonna do a single player world because the server i used to play on went down over a month ago and i havent heard anything about it since, which really sucks because i liked that server 8[. i wish there was at least a world download so i could pick up where i left off.
    anyway, i installed a bunch of mods that were on the server, but the rest i had to make sure were actually compatible with the version of mc i was playing and the version of forge it was running on, so i ended up grabbing a few mods that were kinda like bootlegs of other mods, but honestly? i think i like these ones more. and whats more(is that how you say it?): im running like half the amount of mods on my single player session than i was on the server, so im happy about that.
    kinda unrelated but i kinda wanna play the genesis project now hehah. its a multiplayer game though. i guess i could join a random session though, if theres anyone even playing it anymore.
    there probably is.
    i mean, people still use pesterchum; myself included.
    also, ive been considering setting up an email thing. id have to make another email though. i have so many already just for one-off things because i didnt wanna tie it to the emails i actually use. plus theres the possibility of spam emails and hate mail and from what ive seen anymore you cant block them. or maybe im just not trying hard enough. but yeah i have to keep reminding myself about that.
    also i wanna say something reeeeeal quick. decimals do this???? here???? holy shit that is great. i love decimals.


    10:01 am

    ooooooooh gotta wait gotta wait gotta wait gotta wait gotta wait to order my last 2 pc parts because i wanna be able to eat lunch. luckily i get paid at the end of this work week.

    11:33 pm

    forget the inflection being difficult to replicate, i forgot to mention that the song itself is off beat half of the time. like it just falls out of beat and then gets back into it. why does it do that?? it makes this shit so much more annoying.
    also guess whos almost out of percription 8D!!! that reminds me i should take it so i can go to bed.


    12:19 am

    jesus christ i didnt realize how fuckin late it was.
    yeah hi im back and ive updated the site a bit more. i figured out how to add this box and how to add a marquee. im gonna figure out how to add and mp3 player next hehah. a friend of mine that we will call moth is also making a site!!!! hell yeah!!!! aw man i cant wait til his site is ready for the publc its gonna look so cool.
    ive spent the better part of my freetime for the last few days making a ust for virtual insanity. i finally finished it today and ive gotten around to making e-loid sing the damn thing, but im kinda scared that it wont turn out as good as im hoping it will >>. im thinking that if i just like spend a buncha time on it a tune the shit out of it itll sound okay?? ive only made him sing vocaloid songs! i dont know if he can deal with jay kays phunky inflection!
    also ive wasted almost my entire pay check on pc parts.
    fuck i just realized that the amount of money i have leftover is pretty much what i was making every week at my first job EW. apparently they sold out to a larger store, so thats gonna do a Thing. i think its a chain or smth?? i dunno. found this shit out on my hunt for thermal paste.
    anyway i should probably take my perscrition now gn


    i have so many fucking buttons. also i finished making the custom button for SM!!
    my chest hurts 8[


    12:45 pm

    okay so last night i saw the sheer amount of ai covers of virtual insanity there were and i went mad with power for a little bit trying to get my diff-svc escargoon voice model to work with the new inference notebook, and then realized that i really dont need to do that. though it wouldnve been kinda funny.
    but yeah i really dont need to use an ai because honestly? its not in my nature.
    i didnt get though life doing things the easy way. honestly when i do i never finish. like with the orighinal diff-svc stuff id made e-svc using my escargoon voice model and taking hidoiV2s vcv vb as the basis for his own vcv vb. i planned on making him an eng vb using the same steps, but i hadnt made an eng vb for hidoiV2 yet. i still havent actually.
    then when the first notebook becam invite only and the new one was made, i tried making a vcv for larrypoid usuing the same steps that i did for e-svc. not to mention that microsoft had announced their voice cloning program about a week proir. i trainied a larry needlemeyer voice model up to about 20,000 steps and i havent gone back.
    i realized that i dont need to use the ai stuff to make my ugly little covers sound good lol. plus the new one was under different conditions and i wasnt about to bother kerry shale.
    but like. yeah. i dont need it. its very tempting when i see stuff like the virtual insanity ai covers because its funny, but like, i think how i do things could also be- dare i say- impressive or some shit??? hehah.

    anyway i got my perscription yesterday for my strep and apparently the kids version of amoxicillin is bubble gum flavored which SUCKS because i got mine in 6th grade it was COCONUT and it SUCKED and it made me THROW UP it was terrible >8[!!!


    10:54 am

    hey guys!!
    i have strep


    9:36 pm

    hey guys! i have a sinus infection and now i know why ive been feeling terrible for the past couple days! i got my tv today actually so thats good. i still have to get that package that got delivered a couple days ago, so im gonna try to do that tomorrow. god my neck hurts.
    im gonna try to work on the art page soon, and also learn how to make it so i can upload mp3s n stuff and embed links


    12:03 am

    hey guys!! guess who didnt do any of that?

    12:16 am

    why do reese's products taste so bad now? they used to be so good and now theyre just. bland. theyre stiff, bland, overall unappetizing. like it's not just me, right? palmers peanutbutter cups taste better. or at least they used to. god they all taste so shitty now. they managed to keep peanutbutter mnms okay though. those are still really good. did you guys know that hershey changed their chocolate recipe? it uses vegetable now instead of cacao butter. it was news to me when i found out.
    god i have like half a fuckin bag of reeses eggs left over from easter. theyre just so downright unappealing. the fat's already started to form a splotchy film on top of the chocolate and it's just.... eugh. god. i dread the sight of them in my snack bin. i kinda wanna throw them out, but it'll feel like im wasting them so i cant. maybe ill get lucky and find one that has flavor or something. im sure as hell not going out to buy any with prices the way they are. theyre $4 for a half empty bag of the recently named saddest variant of a peatutbutter-chocolate confectionary! it's just not worth it. really the only forms of pb-c treats that are still good is the ice cream flavor, peatutbutter mnms, and the reeses cereal. got i hope i structured that sentence right; whether an "is" or "are" goes before that kind of list is something ive forgotten unfortunatley. i think "is" is the right one though, since there from what i remember is that where it's "is" or "are" depends on if the noun closest to the verb is singular or plural; and since "ice cream" is a single noun, it'd be "is." that was probably really confusing to read. oh well! it's currently 12:33 am. luckily i dont have work today.

    1:08 am

    i finshed the construction site links. get it? construction site? im so fucking funny
    i should go to bed

    1:10 am

    i should buy one of those "how to draw manga" books just because i wanna compare. like going to a highschool reunion and shoving my success into the faces of my former peers. yeah thatr right How to Draw Eyes! im better than you!!! Hands?!?!?! ugh, i hate that guy. so stuck up, always lording over me about hopw he'll always be better than me. shit up man.ive drawn hands in places youve never seeb\ne befre. what does that mean? dont aslk questions


    10:12 pm

    im gonna be working on one for them too! also im planning on making like a sketch or a plan for what i want my website to look like. and since it's me im probably gonna need to start watching tutorials. like a lot of them. im also gonna work on a couple new pages: an art page and an under construction page. i havent really done any writing yet so im not gonna so anything with than one yet. maybe i'll put up a page for like. an archive of all my old works n shit. even from when i was an early teen lol. id have to find my quotev account though(im only half joking about this. you get to decide which half im joking about).
    i had a pc part get delivered today, but it's at the post office, and tomorrow's sunday which means i cant get it tommorow either. also i got an email about my tv saying it'd be here tomorrow, which is cool because it originally said that it'd be here the 9th.


    hi! im working on my site again since i have today off. got work again tomorrow though ehehah. im also working on building a pc right now and the only parts i have in my posession are the case and the cpu, that latter of which i got today. no idea why i though the box would be bigger weeheeha. i got the case a few days ago and id bought a tv for the monitor last weekend (or maybe it was 2 weekends ago). i returned it yesterday though. i wanted a higher dpi. so i ordered one instead and now im waiting for my tv to get here. all the way from the other side of the country.👍

    i need to piss.

    also i wanna try to make it so you can like hit buttons and itll go to different pages so that this isnt just one big block of text entries because wow! thats not very clean site of me to do!

    another also: i like to add shit procedurally, so theres gonna be more things tacked onto each of these entries throughout the day. typos are gonna get edited, sentences are gonna get expanded, things will get clarified. hopefuly anyway if i keep this thing up hehah.

    i should add a q&a system maybe...

    hey rq i hope you like the sparkles on your cursor! i made them yellow to look like stars 8]

    fun fact!: we had pizza for dinner on this night too.
    yeah its like 9pm

    im gonna start adding time stamps. 9:03 pm

    oh yeah discord mobiless been crumbling for the past few days and we had our tub surround put back in.
    its got different taps now which kinda sucks, but it should be fine. it also REEKS of clean in there, but like in a bad way? like. hold on im gonna go voluntairily smell it.
    citrus and bleach. luckily its not so pungent anymore, but WOAGH i still dont find pleasant.
    i forgot what i was gonna write next 8[


    oh yeah! i posted 2 new covers today: Requiem (Kanaria) and Alice in N.Y. (HitoxYamaΔ)


    ive been debating doing a dream journal ngl. ans also making jst like. stupid little lists n stuff. ive also seen people attatch music players to their sites and im very interested in finding out how to make my own. i think it uses java script though. thatd be the third programming language id have to learn. oh did i mention? i wanted to learn python so i could make a -LOID "dating sim" called "Welcome to the Studio." also god i hope the italaics tag works this time.
    it didnt
    i think i have to include the italics font family though... guess its all bolding til i figure out italics

    i dont remember what date this was. 4/29/23?

    i dont really know what im doing but im hoping ill catch on at some point. i p much want this to be a place where i post art and put my writing n shit. maybe do a little mspfaing or smth. idk. i also wanna post my music here since that a lot of what i do. i might just have a page for web building stuff that i found cool lol. and ngl i wanna figure out how to add a marquee because they look realy cool.

    also get ready to see a lot of blue because it is my favorite color.

    heres the first instance of my favorite homestuck character as a test link

    i am a fucking goober and am not cool enough to listen to black by toby fox

    i had pizza for dinner

    it was pepperoni

    i dont know what else to put here even though i dont really need to put anything here

    my hands are really cold